2020 Unreal Engine Game Creation Competition


The first Unreal Engine Game Creation Competition will be held at Communication University of China. The competition is a new part of the 2020 China (Beijing) International College Student Animation Festival (Aniwow). The competition is hosted by the School of Animation and Digital Art of Communication University of China, cohosted by Epic Games, and has received strong support from a series of institutions and the industry. At the same time, experts from various institutions and industry mentors, as well as official Epic Game experts are invited to jointly set up a judging team to provide professional guidance and comments to the contestants. We look forward to all college students who are interested in Unreal Engine games enthusiastically register to participate. The organizing committee has also prepared award  certificates, trophies, and bonuses for the winning teams to encourage fans who are brave enough to explore in the field of Unreal Engine game creation.

Competition Rules

2020 Aniwow will be held soon. In the same period of this event, the Unreal Engine Game Creation contest will be added to the original three categories. It is planned to recruit teams from universities across the country, each team consisting of 1 to 4 people. Participants who have signed up will be guided by Epic Games ’ official technology for 2 days. The first day is art direction and the second day is technical guidance. All participating teams will join the official competition group after successful registration and follow the pre – match guidance information.

This competition will be invited by the School of Animation and Digital Art of Communication University of China and Epic Games to major universities around the world. Teachers and students from major universities will organize teams to register or students from universities will form teams to register on their own.

01 Team method

  • Freely organize teams based on colleges and universities. Each team consists of up to 4 students. Each college can register for multiple teams.
  • If the team is not organized according to the institution as the unit, it is also possible to form a team across academies to form a university free team, and each team will develop its own team name. The team composition is the same as above.
  • Each team needs an instructor. The instructor can guide and supervise the team members to complete the work, but they cannot participate in the specific production process. The number of instructors cannot exceed the number of students participating in the team.

02 Competition format

The competition takes the form of 72 – hour continuous creation (including rest and meal time for players) . The game engine UE4 will be used for creation throughout the competition. Other auxiliary software such as modeling and texture drawing must be prepared by the participants. Teams can conduct open creations based on topics such as interaction, games, scene design, and animation. Participants need to prepare their own sound effect materials and video editing software, and all sound effect materials and software must obtain the right to use. The topic of the competition will be announced on the spot 5 minutes before the start of the competition.

03 bonus settings

First prize: 10,000 RMB A Team

Theme Award: 5000 RMB A Team

Second prize: 1,000 RMB Two Team

Third prize: 500 RMB Six Team

04 Registration method and instructions

Ways of registration:

  • Follow the official website of the contestb.
  • Join the official website competition group according to the official website instructions to form a team or form a team by yourself.
  • Click to read the original text at the end of the official account article, download the registration form, the password of the network disk is exnd, after filling out, please compress the registration form and the scanned photo of the student ID together, and send it to the official mailbox cuc_gcf@163.com, email The subject and text format are detailed in the registration form. The deadline for registration is 23:59 on October 15th. All participating teams should complete the registration confirmation before the start of the pre – match technical training, and submit the registration information in time before the registration deadline. For the detailed registration and submission process, please log on to the official website of the competition. After the registration form is submitted, no random changes can be made to the participants. If changes are necessary due to force majeure, please contact the competition organizing committee in advance.

05 How to submit entries

Participants need to register and submit the content of their works in the blog community of the contest’ s official website. The specific submission content is as follows:

  • Full work description. The judges of the competition will not communicate with the contestants in any form. The work description is an important text channel for the contestants to explain their creative ideas to the judges and reflect the connotation of the works. There is no restriction. Contestants are asked to use their ability to write online manuscripts.
  • The official blog community supports players to upload video external links, and the video content must provide the external link address of bilibili.
  • In addition to the web disk link of the work itself, game works and interactive works need to have videos and explanations, which are also uploaded to the external link of bilibili.
  • The running files of games and interactive works need to be packaged and provide long term valid Baidu cloud disk link address. The above external links are submitted to the Unreal Engine Game Creation Competition unit under the official website of the competition.

06 Time Arrangement

07 Entry Instructions

Due to the epidemic, the overall competition takes the form of online organization. Each college organizes its own offline space to provide students with a 72 – hour creative environment. At the same time, to ensure fairness, please follow the following rules:

  • The participating teams must ensure that they are works created during the competition.
  • The entry must be published for the first time in a public competition or display, and the copyright belongs to the participant.
  • Each participating team must be legally responsible for the originality of the entries.
  • Once violations are found, the organizing committee will cancel the qualifications of the participating teams and publicize the list of participants who violated the rules.

08 matters needing attention

  • Teams participating in pre – match technical training and competitions should prepare their own laptops or desktop computers: It is recommended that the graphics card be configured with a high – performance game card above GTX1070 and the memory configuration should not be less than 8G.
  • Participants should register in advance on the Unreal official website and install UE 4.25. And complete the one – hour Unreal introductory video course on the Unreal online learning platform.
  • Participants must have the status of current students (no age limit) . If the players are under 18 years of age, please submit the legal guardian ‘ s permission to participate in the registration.

# Review team

Experts and industry mentors from Communication University of China and various

institutions and Epic Games official expert review team.

# Support institutions

Communication University of China

Central Academy of Fine Arts

China Academy of Art

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Art

Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Jilin University of the Arts

Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Tsinghua University

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Beihang University

Beijing Normal University

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Beijing Forestry University

Capital Normal University

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

(The institutions are ranked in no order)




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